Sorry- not just a word



As it was the last day of the semester, we were talking about how amazing our class was and were cherishing all the memories. Some of us were also making certain confessions. My best friend and my other classmate hated each other due to personal reasons; throughout the year, they kept expressing their hatred for each other by various means. To my surprise, my best friend stood up and said that she wanted to confess. She stood up and said ‘sorry’ to my other classmate she hated. Afterwards, she cried.

That day, I realised that saying ‘sorry’ may seem very easy. It seems as if only one word has to be said for the mistake made, however, it’s much more than that. Saying sorry takes a lot courage. It takes courage because when you are apologising, you are accepting the mistake that you have made and claim responsibility for the damage done, which is not easy. One says ‘sorry’ when they realise the suffering they have put the other one through through their actions, and I must say, it is the most difficult thing to do.

The most important thing here is that sorry should only be said when you actually mean it. There is a thin line difference between feeling that you should be saying sorry, and feeling that you are sorry for the mistake that you have made. This difference should be kept in mind before you go apologise.

Irrespective of the courage it takes, one feels relieved after apologising. They feel relieved because they had been carrying that sack of guilt with them, which was nothing but burden. Once you apologise, you feel that burden is now off your chest. You won’t have to sleep with the guilt of the mistake you have made anymore. You won’t have to wonder everyday whether that person will forgive you or not. You won’t have to sleep with the guilt of the mistake you have made anymore. You won’t have to wonder every day whether that person will forgive you or not. You won’t have to think every day whether that person will be ready to give you a second chance or not. Instead, you feel relaxed, calm and much happier.

I understand that sorry wouldn’t undo the mistakes that have been made, but it is a way of accepting the mistake made and ensuring that such mistakes would never be repeated.


By the way, after my best friend apologised, my other classmate said that she had the same thing in mind (to apologise), after which they both hugged. That day, both of them took a great step towards apologising and forgiving.

I know many of us, including me, are sorry for something or the other. I do realise how hard it is to walk up to the person and ask for apology and forgiveness and it’s completely okay to feel that way, however, don’t let this feeling of yours be a hindrance to apologise. No matter how hard it is, one should apologise as not only will that person forgive you but you will feel better! It’s never too late to say sorry.

Apologising doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right; it means you value your relationship with that person.

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17 thoughts on “Sorry- not just a word

  1. Really interesting first blog, thought provoking and relatable. Kind of took me back to my school days when two people would fall out and eventually make up after an apology. i find it a lot rarer these days in the workplace. There seems to be a lot more pride and stubborn behaviour!

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  2. Wow absolutely loved this post! It really resonated with me! I think it’s so important to remember that the word ‘sorry’ is also a two way street – you’re absolutely right in that forgiveness is much harder than saying sorry. Loved this post and love the look of your blog! Keep it up! Followed 🙂

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      1. My pleasure! I’m so glad I made you smile – that in itself means a lot to me too! 🙂


  3. Sweet post… Sometimes we take the words for granted and fail to understand the meaning behind them.
    It’s not even about saying sorry, but just your actions can convey how you feel. And I really am with you on how much relief it gives you after saying sorry because that burden is lifted!
    Nice post, I’m glad I found you through the community 🙂

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